Omnes Solutions provides services to support all aspects of training and eLearning.  From implementing a new Learning Management System, to building xAPI courses, to introducing Internet of Things to your training program, we can help!

Out philosophy is simple:  Start with NEEDS.  By building solid requirements, you have all the information you’ll need to successfully complete your project.  Too many projects fail because there is a lack of clarity around what you actually need.  The result is getting things you don’t need, not getting the things you DO need, and ultimately, a need to start over, or do without.  And your business does not deserve to do without!

Want to Learn About xAPI?

LinkedIn Learning:  xAPI Foundations

This online course will teach you all the basics about what xAPI is, how it works, and how you can start using it in your products.  The course is presented as tool-agnostic, meaning that no matter what authoring tool you use, you’ll walk away with knowledge you can use immediately.  The 103-minute long course will walk you through each of the primary constituent parts of the basic xAPI statement.  You’ll then see how to build and send statements.  Then, you’ll build queries to pull that data back from your Learning Record Store, and put that data to use.  And, finally, you’ll see how you can build a single adaptive page that will self-tailor to meet the needs of the student!  

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Live Presentations

ATD TechKnowledge

xAPI can be a VERY powerful tool for gaining insight into your students’ experiences with your training products.  Better yet, you can use xAPI to self-tailor content to meet their needs!  You can do this using xAPI queries to pull data from previous performance in the same, or even other courses.  And it’s not as difficult as it sounds!  Join me in my session to find out how easy it can be!

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Training 2019 Conference and Expo

There are a lot of moving parts to a good eLearning product.  Video, audio, drag and drop activities, to even the venerable next button, there are a lot of opportunities for your students to engage.  But what parts of the course are being used?  What parts are used most, or get repeated use per student?  And does any of it actually help?  We’ll discuss how you can use xAPI to discover this and a lot more!

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Learning Solutions Conference and Expo

You can join me at LS Con as I discuss How you can use xAPI to show that students are, in fact, learning from your training products.  xAPI allows you to track how students interact with your eLearning and other training products.  But collecting targeted data and comparing that data, we can show if the student actually learning anything.  Also, using xAPI, you can begin to correlate that training data with performance data to see if the training intervention helped.

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